About Us

*Advaita is a Sanskrit word, means non-duality


A team of experienced investors, operators, and CIOs from top-tier institutional firms.

100% women-person-of-color-owned firm.


We write checks in growth stage tech startups which are extreme outliers in the venture capital industry. 

We invest primarily in US. 

We do not invest in power law.

*We do not invest in crypto, cannabis, gambling etc.

Lowering Carbon

Revolutions in energy, mobility, digitization and decarbonization are introducing new dynamics to economic and social transformations. It is introducing new types of investments, that previously appeared almost impervious to change and mainstream returns. Race toward large-scale de-carbonization ecosystem and maturing network technology will bring revolutionary energy transition in economic and social transformation. We are committed to investing in technologies that are focused on lowering and removal of carbon while building globally scalable products and services.

Operational Excellence

We are committed to investing in technologies that are advancing the human race and creating planet positive movement. 

We are committed to intellectual and gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We have in-house capabilities in sectors and strategies linking lines of capital to sustainability metrics and crafting a decarbonization strategy to drive stronger returns on our investments. 

Helping our portfolios to go public through our relationships. 

Empowering them in their diverse sustainability strategy implementation in products, services, employee benefits, and more through our exclusive world-class partnerships.

In 2022, Nasdaq featured Gayatri Sarkar and team in Times Square Bill Board. Celebrating first movers supporting equity in venture capital.