A bright spot to your multi trillion dollar blindspot


*Advaita is a Sanskrit word, means non-duality

We are a tech intelligence enabled venture fund

A team of experienced investors, family offices and fund managers from top-tier firms. Founded by women and minority fund manager(s).

Operational excellence:

A bespoke investment platform committed to diversity, equity and inclusion at workplace. We have in-house capabilities in sectors and strategies linking lines of capital to sustainability metrics and crafting an ESG strategy to drive stronger returns on our investments.

Helping our portfolios to go public through our relationships.

Empowering them in their DEI and ESG strategy implementation in products, services, employee benefits and more through our exclusive world class partnerships.

Some of our Relationships

Advaita Capital is an Official Nominator - a group of prestigious organizations from around the world who will submit nominations to this historic and prestigious Prize. earthshotprize.org

The Earthshot Prize is awarded by the Royal Foundation to five winners each year for their contributions to environmentalism. More on Prize Council.

Advaita Capital is a proud member of NAICPE.

The National Association of Investment Companies was founded in 1971. Comprised of more than 140 member firms representing over $250 billion in assets under management, it is the largest network of diverse-owned private equity firms and hedge funds in the United States.